Why are Flowers So Important?


What can be the best sight at morning than experiencing a garden that contains a bunch of lovely and colorful flowers? I hope that, your answer would be nothing. Yes, nothing can be a best sight than feeling the fragrance of lovely flowers at the early morning time. Flowers are something that cannot be hated by anyone, no matter; either he or she is a rude one or a kind one. Flowers play an important role in people’s life right from birth to death. Yes, if someone has born, we convey our happiness and greets all the way through flowers.

Even if someone died, we bring flowers for their funerals to explicit our grief and sympathy. Flowers are the natural one that we can use for anything. Just experiencing a bunch of flowers will definitely calm down our mind even when we are at ultimate sad or out of mind. You might have heard doctors say that, take patients to the garden at every morning. Do you know why? It is just to let the patients experience and feel the nature all the way through flowers.

Flowers are something that can make everyone happy by its elegant look, stunning fragrance and wonderful colors. We know how flowers come to this world and how they got colors and fragrances. Nevertheless still, many of us might not have seen the blossom of flowers – right? I hope that, your answer would be yes. Blossoming of flowers still remains secret for many people including you and me. We can sit near the plant and check how flowers blossom or grow. But, we do not have that much time to spare and we cannot sit near the plant most of the time a day.

Flowers and Occasions

Flowers are used for many occasions right from wedding to funeral ceremony. Even if you tend to ignore flowers, you cannot do that. Since, the presence of flowers remains important and crucial in all the occasions. Let us discuss when people would like to use flowers. Foremost is that, they use flowers to confess their love or compassion. That is, if you love someone and you want to convey your love towards him or her, you can do that through flowers. Yes, you either can give a single red rose or bunch of red roses to confess your love. Bestowing flowers are the stunning and simple way to say thanks.

Yes, rather saying thanks orally to someone that have helped you, you can send them flowers. If you send them a “Thank you” letter and a flower, it will mean a lot to them. And as far as weddings are concerned, flowers play a vital role right from decoration to bridegroom’s flower bouquet. You might have seen that, bride and groom carry a flower bouquet along with them. And at last, funeral ceremony will be drenched with flowers. You cannot find people visit funerals without flowers. Other than these occasions, people use flowers in many other occasions like birthday parties, social gathering, welcoming someone and more. I hope that, you know how much important flowers are.


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